Our nurses

Therapy – Specialised Nursing Teams

Our experienced nurses are available throughout the UK to provide patient education, training, clinical monitoring and medicines administration appropriate to the patient therapy.

Our nurses keep up to date with continuing education through bespoke e-learning programmes that ensure their skills are current both with regard to legislation and best clinical practice.

We work in partnership with the customer’s clinical teams to ensure robust clinical governance with operating procedures and protocols agreed with referring units.

We provide clinical feedback and outcome reports to keep you close to your patients, via good communication links between our nurses and your clinical teams, which enables smooth transitions and seamless patient care in the community.

We provide a comprehensive range of nursing services:

• Home assessment visits
• Installation visits
• Patient/carer training
• Drug administration
• New device training
• Patient monitoring/compliance
• IV infusion service
• IV device training
• Hi-tech treatments
• Complex case management
• Clinic support
• On-call services