Quality and clinical governance

Mainting the highest standards

Our environment is highly regulated and rightly so. Our procedures sit within a tightly controlled system that coordinates the patient’s care – across hospitals, healthcare professionals, medicines, treatments and services. This system continually feeds critical patient information back into the Clinical Governance loop, ensuring that all care is joined up with other carers.

Quality management is all about ensuring the right things are done at the right time, while simultaneously upholding patient safety and confidentiality. Across Evolution Homecare, this means that ensuring the continuity of supply is as critical as maintaining and improving quality.

National Patient Safety Agency’s guidelines and codes of practice help us ensure we’re not just on track, we’re actually helping lead the way.

The Clinical Governance function of Evolution Homecare not only provides the right policies and standards for our activities – it also monitors the outcomes. It does this on two levels: first, it monitors the patient as an individual, and second, it monitors the collective patient outcomes. Feedback into the information loop helps to answer the original question, ‘are we doing the best we can for the patient?’ For Evolution Homecare, Clinical Governance always goes beyond the basic assessment of ‘what’s right’ and addresses head on, the task of delivering ‘what’s most appropriate’.