Changing your patient services provider

With more than 150 patients spread across a wide area from Scarborough to deepest Lincolnshire, delivery of life-critical medicines to patients’ homes is a vital part of the Hull Royal Infirmary’s offering. Changing service providers had to be a carefully considered decision. 

Here’s why Hull Royal Infirmary appointed Evolution Homecare:

Removing the fear
“We recently had to change our homecare service provider, but the prospect of changing this type of service is quite daunting as we have to be able to guarantee continuity through the changeover,” explains Jane Rogers, MS Clinical Nurse Specialist at Hull Royal Infirmary. “It is a change not just for my colleagues and me, but for all of our patients that rely on these home deliveries.

Seamless transition
“Evolution Homecare appreciated the difficulties we faced and were quick to put plans in place to ensure there was a seamless transition. We had some issues with our existing supplier and so Evolution Homecare stepped in before the contract was due to start and took responsibility for deliveries.”

Flexible delivery
“One issue that patients always face is the need to remain at home to wait for deliveries. It is important for them to be able to continue with everyday life with minimal disruption. Evolution Homecare has made every effort to fit the delivery schedules around individual patient requirements. In addition, they can offer a two-hour delivery window, which means patients are not stuck indoors all day waiting for their medication.”

Great communication
The two-hour delivery window is calculated using UPS Roadnet technology ensuring the optimum delivery route and producing an estimated time of arrival. Evolution Homecare provides a hotline for patients to call if they have any enquiries about their delivery. Should any patient require a re-delivery due to a accidental damage, Evolution Homecare can provide next-day delivery should the patient require it.

Personal care
“The Patient Services Team plays a vital role in maintaining patient welfare,” says Jane. “Although the delivery of medication is the primary role of the Patient Services Team, they also help us to monitor the condition of those patients receiving deliveries. The delivery drivers have developed relationships with each patient and if they have any concerns about the condition of a particular patient the drivers will report this to the Patient Services Team who collate all information about Patients and report it directly to me”.

Cutting paperwork
“A major issue we face as nurses is being able to focus on our role of caring for patients without being inundated with paperwork. One process we do not look forward to is a change of service provider, as this can be a time-consuming process. During this change we had the additional benefit of administrative support from the Patient Services Team that handled the necessary form-filling which allowed us to get on with our primary role, the business of patient care.”

Service reports
To maintain the high standards required, a monthly report is produced detailing the levels of service provided and measuring these against those agreed at the start of the programme. In addition, regular on-site meetings at Hull Royal Infirmary enable all parties to discuss individual patient needs and address issues.

Holiday delivery too…
“It is the little things that make the difference and free us up to concentrate on patient care,” continues Jane. “As with most Trusts we have patients that travel abroad for holidays and some that choose to travel for longer periods. Evolution Homecare even organises the shipment of medications for patients staying away for prolonged periods in countries such as Portugal and Thailand, saving our nursing team valuable time.”