What we do for you

The landscape of healthcare is always changing, and at Evolution Homecare we understand the challenges faced by the NHS.

We know that providing an enhanced service that achieves improved patient outcomes – while delivering cost efficiencies – is at the forefront of strategic planning in the NHS.

By partnering with Evolution Homecare, clinicians and commissioners can be assured of:

Improved experience for patients

  • Fast and reliable access to treatment
  • Flexible and convenient access to medicines
  • Advice and support that is accessible via the telephone

Enhanced service offering

  • Multiple benefits for patients engenders greater overall satisfaction
  • Service built around the central tenet of the NHS – patient choice
  • Fully assured and validated supply chain, including temperature control.

Financial viability

  • Significant cost saving potential through reducing the pressure on primary and secondary care, pharmacies and social care platforms
  • Easing the burden of on-site treatment and the requirement of stockpiling expensive medication frees up resources
  • Optimising compliance, patient education and stock monitoring ensures efficient use of high-value medication.

The clinical expertise your patients need and deserve, available outside of the clinical setting

Evolution Homecare boasts extensive therapy knowledge and understanding, supported by in-house experts who write and monitor our services.

Dispensing to industry standards is ensured by qualified pharmacists, while our clinician-led homecare services are delivered by trained nurses, many are specialists in our key disease areas:

  • HIV
  • Oral Oncology
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis.

Quality & Governance

MHRA Wholesaler Dealers Licence


GPhC registered


ISO 9001:2008

LRQ 400637