Launching a new treatment

Leading pharmaceutical manufacturer Nycomed planned to launch a new drug. It was vital that patients were able to receive and administer it themselves, in their own homes.

Here’s why Nycomed chose Evolution Homecare:

Forward planning
Evolution Homecare worked with Nycomed from the early stages to provide a clear understanding of the home delivery service. Using our vast experience of patient services, Evolution Homecare was able to advise Nycomed on optimising the delivery scheduling, minimise paperwork and provide patients with a reliable, convenient service. 

No place like home
For prescribing clinicians, an important part of Nycomed’s proposition is the requirement for patients to receive their medicines at home. All parties collaborated throughout the launch and ongoing marketing processes to communicate the benefits of the drug itself, and the equally important methodology of home delivery, to clinical specialists around the UK.

Self-administration training
The daily treatments require self-medication by the patient through a reusable injection device. Evolution Homecare organises nurse visits for patients prior to the commencement of treatment, to guide them through administering their daily medicines.  

Flexible delivery service
Mark Waker, Market Development Manager for Nycomed in the UK, explains: “It is important for patients to be able to continue everyday life with minimal disruption. Nycomed and Evolution Homecare’s Patient Services Team work together to minimise the impact of the relevant conditions on the life quality of sufferers. Every effort is made to fit delivery schedules around patients’ requirements.”

Good for doctors and patients
“We have worked together over the past few years in relation to other Nycomed products,” says Mark. “As we were developing the new brand proposition we were able to draw on Evolution Homecare’s combined expertise in home delivery to offer both clinicians and patients a complete service. We wanted to add value to both our customer groups. Providing the home delivery service has obvious benefits for the patient but also the clinician is secure in the knowledge that the patient is receiving the right medication with minimum disruption.” 

Ongoing patient support
Evolution Homecare provides a hotline for patients to call if they have any enquiries about their delivery. Should any patient require a re-delivery due to a change of medication or accidental damage, Evolution will provide a guaranteed next day delivery.  

Less paperwork
Mark continues: “Nycomed and Evolution Homecare have also worked to streamline the paperwork associated with prescribing medicines for home delivery. This has allowed the clinicians and nurses to focus on patient welfare without numerous forms to fill in. Throughout the whole process they have has acted as an extension to my marketing team and our combined expertise has allowed us to provide the best possible service.”